Yerba mate, a key ingredient in Unimate, has evolved to be naturally rich in antioxidants, saponins, and other nutrients, and it has been used traditionally for centuries for its many benefits. Unimate’s proprietary yerba mate extra enhances these benefits, and bonus! comes in four delicious flavors.

Drinking Unimate is like drinking willpower, it’s a strong support system for just about any situation you find yourself in. Below you’ll find just a few reasons you’ll want to keep Unimate nearby.

1. First thing in the morning

Set yourself up for a great day by starting your day with Unimate. Yerba mate has long been known to support mood, mental stamina, and focus. What better way, then, to start your day than with Unimate?

2. Before a workout

“I would work out more if I had the motivation to do it,” you tell yourself. Unimate can help you find that motivation. Even better, it supports stamina and endurance, so not only are you more likely to hit the gym, you’ll have the stamina to crush your workout, too.

3. Before (or during) a long meeting

Ever feel drained after a long meeting? This is because meetings are powered by human energy. The longer the meeting goes, the more energy it requires, which leaves you with little left over for everything else you have to do that day. Stay ahead of the mental drain by drinking Unimate beforehand so you can stay focused and alert through the meeting, and still have the energy to accomplish the rest of your to-dos afterward.

4. While studying for a test

Preparation is key, so they say. Start each study session by giving your brain some cognitive support so you can get the most from your hard work and even retain what you just reviewed when you move on to other things.

5. As an afternoon pick-me-up

You know the feeling. You’re comfortably full from lunch and a nap is calling your name. Rather than giving in or attempting to fight the brain fog all on your own, let Unimate help you find the mental alertness and motivation you need. Soon enough you’ll find that afternoons are something to be enjoyed, not just endured.

6. When the weather has got you down

Whether it’s boiling hot outside or cold and stormy, Unimate can help soothe you out of a weather-caused bad mood. Enjoy it cold on a hot day or hot on a cold day and feel your spirits lifting.

7. Any time you feel mentally drained

Burnout is real. Having too much on your plate for too long takes its toll. Rather than trying to push through it yourself, mix up a cup of Unimate and let it take the edge off of your mental fatigue. Sometimes all we need is a little extra support to make daunting responsibilities seem manageable.

8. When you need to fast for a little longer

Intermittent fasting helps your body sustain normal, healthy blood glucose levels and help with weight-management efforts. But many struggle with the fasting-while-awake part, especially if they’re already low on energy. The good news is that you can still drink Unimate without breaking your fast! Usually if something seems too good to be true it is, but that’s not the case with Unimate. With zero added sugars, Unimate is the perfect morning beverage to enjoy before you eat your first meal, helping you feel both satiated and energized so it’s easier to stick to your intermittent fasting schedule.

9. While tackling household tasks

Laundry, dishes, messes left by the kids household chores are never-ending. With its ability to boost mood and support mental focus, Unimate can be the extra oomph you need to get through what needs to be done and still have something left over to do what you actually want to do.

10. While you’re traveling or on-the-go

One of the great things about Unimate is that it’s ready to go as soon as you’re able to rip open a package and mix it into a bottle of water. The individual sachets are easy to carry around with you, too, whether you’re out running errands or exploring new territory outside your home turf.

11. Mixed with another Unicity product for extra benefits

Unicity has a lot of great products, so why stop with Unimate? Mix it with Bone Fortify, Vanilla Complete, Collagen Plus, or Probionic Plus for extra nutrients and benefits (you’ll find that the flavors mesh well together, too).

12. In place of an energy drink or cup of coffee

For many, it’s instinctual to grab a sugary energy drink or cup of coffee every time their ability to get things done starts to lag. The next time this happens, try drinking Unimate instead and enjoy the steadier support it provides, without the crash awaiting you any time your coffee or energy drink wears off. Unimate is also sugar free and contains up to 10 times the amount of chlorogenic acids (the feel-good, “get-up-and-go” component) found in a premium cup of coffee, so you’re getting more than just temporary benefits to help you through the next task.

13. Any time you need to be at your best

Have an important job interview coming up? Need to do a big presentation? Hosting a party? Drink some Unimate beforehand so you can put your best foot forward.

With its adaptogenic properties, chlorogenic acids, and naturally occurring caffeine, Unimate fits into your life whenever you need it. Visit Unicity Shop to try it today.

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